Frequently Asked Questions

Dressed casual is the best way you can be at "La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort". Comfortable, light-weight clothing is recommended - shorts, sandals, bathing suits and other like beachwear and adventure cotton clothing are always appropriate.

  • Long sleeve shirt and/or pants for jungle walks and evenings.
  • During turtle nesting season, please bring a set of dark clothes for the turtle tour.
  • Lightweight rain coat or poncho.
  • Insect repellent and/or many of our guests swear by "Buzz Off" clothing.
  • Hat, sunglasses & sunscreen.
  • Swimming attire and flip flops.
  • Hiking boots or rubber boots (we sell rubber boots to wear in the jungle)
  • Camera, lots of film or memory cards and a charger or extra batteries.
  • A lightweight daypack to carry cameras, poncho, sunscreen, water, etc.
  • Waterproof camera bag.
  • Binoculars.
  • Prescription medicine.

Yes, there is! As to high speed internet, well, that is kind of relative. Currently the Lodge has satellite internet which, while it works, cannot be considered high speed by most countries standards. It is fine for checking email, but if you plan on doing anything more than that, it might be an issue. "La Palapa Eco Lodge" is in the process of upgrading, but have no idea when it will be ready. Things move pretty slowly out here in the jungle, and it is still kind of amazing that there is internet there at all!
We have 6 Pool bungalows or cabinas, and 4 double Garden bedrooms, witch two of them are larger "family" rooms, subject to availability.
We are pride to personalized service and want you to enjoy your tour experience, so we try and keep tours limited to 10 people. Even during our busiest periods, there will never be more than 15 people.
While we can never guarantee you will see turtles, your chances in Matapalo Beach are pretty good from about May through October. More specifically, prime season for green turtles is from July to October. Leatherbacks nest frequently along the coast from March until June and Hawksbill and Loggerheads, while less common, also nest during the summer months.Incubation of the eggs is roughly 60 days, so the first batch of babies will be hatching towards the end of the season while the moms are still laying. August and September are really good months to see both.
Once you are done in Portalon - Quepos, you do not have to go back to San Jose. We can make arrangements for a shuttle bus or private transport to other popular Costa Rican destinations on the Pacific Coast or even to the Southern Caribbean Coast. We can also make arrangements to have a rental car with special rates for our clients. You just have to let us know where you would like to go!
The water at the Lodge is on a well and is tested regularly. It is perfectly safe to drink, but we suggest to all our guest to drink bottled mineral water, always available at the Resort's bar.
Because each person's medical needs are different, we strongly suggest you discuss your trip with your doctor. Costa Rica health Care is considered one of the best of Central America, with high qualified doctors and modern Hospitals.


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