surfing01Quepos, Playita Manuel Antonio and Playa Dominical are known for many years to the international surfing community because of its consistently good waves.
Best surfing conditions: From April through November.



Waves here break mostly towards the left. You will need strong waves for great performance. This beach faces the town of Quepos. There are many restaurants and hotels in the area. This is a very popular and busy place, so you will have a chance to enjoy an overwhelming nightlife.


Playita Manuel Antonio

This beach has waves breaking towards the right and left. Wait for strong waves to roll in, otherwise the beach is too small for good surfing. We also recommend an expedition into the Manuel Antonio National Park.


Playa Dominical

surfing02If you are lucky, you will be able to do some surfing while watching near-by dolphins playing around, which proves to be an amazing experience to everyone. Here you can surf on left as well as right breaking waves, but the bottom of the sea is covered by rocks.

"Discovered" in the early seventies by a group of surfers, Dominical has steadily gained in popularity over the last 30 years. The town has become a haven for surfers with local restaurants offering "Surf Lovers" specials and nonstop surf videos. The unusual conditions of the beach is what gives its surf both size and dependability. The wave is a beach break with a twist, that twists being the mouth of the Río Barú to the north. The river empties out of the mountains to the east and deposits sediments that form into a sand bar that spreads north and south of the mouth.


Playa Hermosa

Very strong breaks, this long strech of breaks peaks working any given day, waves are general best when the tide is rising. 30km north of Quepos and the Manuel Antonio Estates


surfing03Esterillos Este, Esterillos Oeste, Bejuco, Boca Damas

Beach breaks, good waves, located very close to Playa Hermosa, makes easy access.


Playa del Rey

Right and left beach breaks peaks, 11km south of Quepos and the Manuel Antonio Estates. Beautiful wild beach, which hasn't been touched by civilization.




 La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort, will provide transport to any of the beaches, for reasonable prices.


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