Bird Watching

birdwatching01We in "La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort" are delight with the beauty of our feathered friends: The birds.

Every single day at our gardens and specially during breakfast but also during all day long, you are fortunate to see and observe the colors of the birds that visit us and nest year upon year.

Their songs are to be enjoyed, and we get amazed every time we find a nest. As birds continue to fascinate people around the world, Costa Rica is one of the leading destination for birdwatchers.

So many bird species and habitats, and the possibility to access them within relatively short distances make this small country a paradise for birdwatchers. With only 51,100 square kilometers (19,678 Square Miles), Costa Rica, boasts an avifauna of over 900 species, grouped into 75 different families.

With twelve different life zones the diversity of habitats includes highland and lowland forests, subalpine rain páramos, rocky or slow flowing rivers, mangroves, marshes, forest swamps, lagoons, two different seashores, and numerous man-made habitats like pastures, rice fields, coffee plantations, and secondary growth.

We really recommend while you visit "La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort" in Portalon in Costa Rica, to take some time to participate in a Bird watching Tour not just watch the birds, but to enjoy their behaviors and songs, and the special aspects of their tropical habitats, after all that is the essence of bird watching.

birdwatching02Our Tour guide puts special personalized attention on every single detail of our tours working consistently to make sure individual clients or group participants get the best out of their birding time in Costa Rica.

The interest and involvement in conservation efforts is an important part of "La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort". This count seeks to provide a better understanding of the bird species and populations in the area, and at the same time to encourage conservation efforts among the local population of Portalon, to attract a more environmentally concerned type of tourism.

We at "La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort" also provide high quality bird watching tours for avid and novice birders.



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