Welcome to "La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort"


"La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort", surrounded by tropical gardens is located in a virgin Tropical Rainforest, with 149 Acres (60.5 Hectares) of land, in the Central Pacific Coast of Portalon in Costa Rica, offering an incredible wildlife variety of fauna and flora. The perfect paradise for passionate wildlife lovers. A place were Toucans like to nest and wake you up every morning.

The La Palapa Resort is considered one of the most beautiful and well kept in the area, with grounds and tropical gardens beautifully maintained and clean, by dedicated staff that deliver the best service every day.

This is a very calm and quiet tropical rainforest resort away from modern civilization that delivers to all the clients that stay in it, the peace and tranquility that only a few have managed to create, respecting wildlife.

On the road and very near the resort, clients have small typical grocery stores called "Pulperias", to buy whatever they need during their stay.

The pristine Playa Linda Beach, full of Coconut palms is just 5 minutes away from the resort, and is the ideal place to walk, read a book, spend the day, try your luck fishing or swim in the Pacific Waters with a guaranteed temperature of 28ºC all year round.

We are operating in harmony with nature, under ecological guidelines, and focus to encourage the local population of Portalon, for the importance of the preservation of the Rainforest and understanding of the conservation efforts that are needed to maintain and protect the wildlife.


For the young students of the local Primary Schools of Portalon and Matapalo together with their "maestras", we are starting educational programs and workshops to teach children from young ages the importance to support the efforts of the preservation of the wildlife in the area, for the benefit of the populations and the Eco Tourism in Costa Rica.

We have also Special Community Programs to improve school equipments and any type of needs for the Primary School of Portalon, and encourage clients that stay in the resort to visit the school and participate, in the wildlife preservation activities, and offer the school materials, books, etc...

Hands-on, interactive approche for exploring the rain forest at "La Palapa", promises for the "best practices" regarding forest preservation, are needed to restore the tropical rain forests in several ways.

For us creating forest corridors, are essential to the long-term preservation of biodiversity for countless plant, animal, amphibian and insect species.

Our rain forest lands will be perpetually protected and available under our supervision for studies of ecological succession and restoration techniques under Costa Rica environment laws.

The setting of "La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort" is what most of our clients refer as paradise on earth. At our resort we say: "where heaven can wait".

However, the Resort is much more than lush tropical gardens and rainforest and wildlife. While staying with us, the guests are able to enjoy a friendly hospitality vacation in paradise, and at the same time feel that they are doing something good for the planet.

These are some of the reasons why 75% of our clients stay longer than what they booked for.


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La Palapa grounds are kept with a wide range of tropical colorful flowers, plants, and herbs native from Costa Rica. In our gardens everything is calm and it's maintained in harmony with the rain forest, in order not to disturb the wildlife residents at all moments.

The great majority of La Palapa's rainforest grounds are kept without any kind of human interference in order to preserve all wildlife, eco-systems and existing primary and secondary forest, for future generations.

A holiday in Costa Rica must "always" include one exciting adventure

mountainbiking costarica1We can offer you, mountain biking, canopy, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, wildlife watching, rafting & kayaking, bird watching, visits to national parks, horseback tours, hiking, surfing, activities that you can find in our guide book (in your room) to help you decide.

What is really interesting are the kind Costa Rican people you will meet along the unpaved and muddy roads. You can use one of the available bicycles in the resort. Don't forget there is always a natural world in Costa Rica to be explored.

You can also request an organized walk into the nature trail in La Palapa lands. One of our guides will take you up and down through heavily rainforest areas, along one of our many streams with views of the Pacific Ocean and Matapalo beach.


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